10 - Diversity is not just nice, it's how government operatesConstitutional bird medium

We introduce Evie and discuss why we believe that diversity of opinions is critical to the operation of government.Read More →

12 - Finding Common Ground with common termsConstitutional bird medium

We try and change the format a little bit and try and discuss how people disagreeing on terminology can prevent discourse, how you can improve the situation, and miss a few movie references.Read More →

14 - Free Speech: Limitations, Abuses, and What it meansConstitutional bird medium

We discuss free speech and what it really means, along with some of the common misunderstandings that we experience.Read More →

17 - Police ShootingsConstitutional bird medium

We discuss police shootings and whether we should and how we might deal with them. Read More →

18 - Government Meddling in TechConstitutional bird medium

We discuss the idea that the government over-regulates some aspects of technology and under-regulates others, beginning with some context on the recent congressional overturn of the FCC ruling dealing with ISPs.Read More →

20 - The American Justice System: Is it working? Is it failing?Constitutional bird medium

We discuss Justice, Revenge, Punishment, and whether the American legal system actually carries these things out.Read More →

21 - Communism, Socialism, and American ProgressivismConstitutional bird medium

We discuss the differences between Communism, Socialism, and Progressivism and why its important to know the difference between them.Read More →

22 - College Education and Debt: Are we treating our kids right?Constitutional bird medium

We talk about college education, debt, the purpose of student loans, and how we should be dealing with this societal problem.Read More →

24 - Let Them Eat CakeConstitutional bird medium

We discuss the consequences of a fractured society and how allowing debate to devolve into warfare between groups within society eventually leads to bad outcomes. We also discuss culpability and explore some differences of thought amongst ourselves.Read More →

25 - Classification: How should we handle leaks?Constitutional bird medium

We discuss leaks, give some context of past and present situations, and discuss how we should think about them as a society, how they should be handled, and what the alternatives might look like.Read More →