We take a look at Machiavelli and what he has to say about leadership as well as try and create a test to help us evaluate good and bad leaders today.

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  • Gail Muldrow says:December 1, 2017 at 6 12 PM
    I was in high school during the Jim Jones tragedy. I had friends that were trying to talk some of us into going to Guyana to be saved by this obviously insane man. They raved about how there would be no racism and everyone was going to be free at last. These plain old folks  were among Doctors. Educators. lawyers and other very educated people.  Jim Jones had the backing of government officials giving him endorsements and raving about his outreach program to help and feed the poor minorities. OK my point is, I have the same reaction to this so called President. Charles Manson was another guy with some kind of mind control over normally good folks. But this is a game as old as America. The push for white supremacy has no limits to the horrer's it leaves in it's wake. These folks know how to push the frustrations of the rest of us to further their agenda of division and culture hate.  Fight the hate with truth.  Keep it up!

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