We have a pretty frank and interesting discussion with Evie over feminism and what and how she thinks and feels about it. We wanted to take the opportunity to have this discussion as this topic is certainly discussed today and, as we discuss in the show, has relevant and day to day implications on our lives as well as our loved ones.



Sept, 1853 – “I have been derisively called a ‘Woman Rights Man’. I know no such distinction. I claim to be a HUMAN RIGHTS Man; and wherever there is a human being, I see God-given rights inherent in that being, whatever may be the sex or complexion.”

William Lloyd Garrison

https://www.nps.gov/wori/learn/historyculture/frederick-douglass.htm 1848 -In respect to political rights, we hold woman to be justly entitled to all we claim for man. We go farther, and express our conviction that all political rights which it is expedient for man to exercise, it is equally so for women. All that distinguishes man as an intelligent and accountable being, is equally true of woman; and if that government is only just which governs by the free consent of the governed, there can be no reason in the world for denying to woman the exercise of the elective franchise, or a hand in making and administering the laws of the land. Our doctrine is, that “Right is of no sex.

Fredrick Douglas




  • Princess Tutu
  • Sailor Moon Crystal
  • The Female Man by Joanna Russ
  • Wonder Woman


  • Antigone
  • Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales
  • Killing Poison Ivy plants with Glyphosate-based brush killer works

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