1 - Making unheard voices heardConstitutional bird medium

John and Paul discuss the election, political parties, the silent majority, moderates, and the state of our political systemRead More →

2 - The dangers of a coopted and corporatized pressConstitutional bird medium

Paul and John discuss how the control of the press by a few special interest groups and corporations has greatly exacerbated the political divide in America with a side of echo chambers and corporations.Read More →

3 - Civic Virtue and Personal MoralityConstitutional bird medium

Paul and John discuss the election, Russia and how to responsibly discuss and come to working agreements on the political topics that exist in our lives.Read More →

4 - Should Corporations be Citizens?Constitutional bird medium

Paul and John discuss Citizens United, its implications, whether corporations should be citizens, regulation, and the moral compassRead More →

5 - A Call to Action: Why now is the time for the moderate to actConstitutional bird medium

John and Paul talk about why now is the right time for the moderate voice to stand up, speak, and play a bigger role in politics moving forwardRead More →

6 - Hacks and Election MeddlingConstitutional bird medium

We talk about the recent DNC and RNC hacks, the implications of having other countries meddle in our elections, cheese, and discover Paul has a lot to say!Read More →

7 - Income InequalityConstitutional bird medium

We welcome our newest panelist Sarah Cushman, try to discuss the problems and solutions around income inequality, and we discover that Paul wants board games where he can rob trainsRead More →

8 - Executive Orders and their DangersConstitutional bird medium

We discuss how expansion of powers is a dangerous thing, some of its implications, and the danger of constant escalationRead More →

9 - Precedent, Precedent, Precedent: Travel Bans, Judicial Oversight, and WashingtonConstitutional bird medium

Paul tries to convince everyone to move to Washington state while we tackle immigration and Trump's executive ordersRead More →

10 - Diversity is not just nice, it's how government operatesConstitutional bird medium

We introduce Evie and discuss why we believe that diversity of opinions is critical to the operation of government.Read More →