Welcome to BattlecryForFreedom.com. We live in a time of crisis here in America - neighbors turn on each other over real and perceived differences in political ideas and political candidates have little in common with the stated desires of the vast majority of the population. People from all sides of the political spectrum see this issue, but a disconnect in communication is preventing a solution. As a nation, we have forgotten how to civilly and rationally discuss difficult topics together. We aim to change this. We are striving to bring people with differing perspectives together, discussing difficult topics with respect, valuing each others' opinions despite those differences. It is our goal that you also will practice this among your own friends and family.

We’ll post weekly podcast episodes with our panelists, discussing current events, specific topics, and general ideas. We also will have articles from both our panelists and guests on the accompanying blog. You can subscribe to our RSS feeds, visit the site, or find our podcast on itunes and Google Play. Email subscriptions will be made available in the coming weeks.

If you have questions or comments, all feedback is appreciated. You can use our contact us page or use the comments section of an article or episode to comment on a particular work or send us suggestions for topics.

32- Grading political leadershipConstitutional bird medium

We take a look at Machiavelli and what he has to say about leadership as well as try and create a test to help us evaluate good and bad leaders today.Read More →

31 - Reflections on Recent DiscussionsConstitutional bird medium

A review and wrap up on multiple topics we have discussed over the past few episodes. Read More →

28- Healthcare and DistractionsConstitutional bird medium

We discuss how even important topics distract us from other, even more important political problems and how making the electorate weary is likely intentional and should be resisted.Read More →

27 - FeminismConstitutional bird medium

We have a pretty frank and interesting discussion with Evie over feminism and what and how she thinks and feels about it. We wanted to take the opportunity to have this discussion as this topic is certainly discussed today and, as we discuss in the show, has relevant and day to day implications on our lives as well as our loved ones.Read More →

25 - Classification: How should we handle leaks?Constitutional bird medium

We discuss leaks, give some context of past and present situations, and discuss how we should think about them as a society, how they should be handled, and what the alternatives might look like.Read More →

24 - Let Them Eat CakeConstitutional bird medium

We discuss the consequences of a fractured society and how allowing debate to devolve into warfare between groups within society eventually leads to bad outcomes. We also discuss culpability and explore some differences of thought amongst ourselves.Read More →